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Two Types of Queens

We've been producing Italian Queens since the 30s, however, our Cordovan breeding project began in approximately 1975. Our Italians have been exclusively lighter colored Cordovans ever since, with color ranging from light yellow to rust. They have many fine qualities; the queens are very prolific, they are known for their rapid spring buildup and they are extremely gentle. They are proven to be very hygienic. Two thirds of our production is this Italian.

Cordovan Italian

At the request of beekeepers in colder climates of the Northern states, we also produce the Carniolan cross. Our Carniolan breeders are mated in an isolated area and observed for a year prior to use in our breeding program. The Carniolan virgins are mated with our Italian drones, resulting in an excellent mix of both Italian and Carniolan traits which many customers prefer. The queen exhibits typical Carniolan overwintering behavior and her offspring possess the gentleness of our Italians.


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The Koehnen family has been beekeeping since 1907. Over the years we've grown to be one of the largest honey bee and queen producers in the world, maintaining our colonies in and around Glenn County, in the Northern Sacramento Valley. We strive to bring the highest standards of quality and service to the beekeeping industry.

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The Koehnen Family

Farming “Four” Generations

  • Integrity, hard work and determination were many qualities that Carl Koehnen demonstrated in his business and in everyday life. Those qualities have been passed down through all four generations of our family business.
  • Bill Koehnen (Carl’s oldest son) used to oversee the nuc making process. Today he checks in daily on how the day-to-day operations are going and is doing well at almost 90 years old. His son Mike is the company president, he oversees the financial aspects of the business as well as various other business matters. His son Steven is involved in the farming of almonds and walnuts (with Kalin) and is working alongside his dad learning the overall aspects of our business.
  • Bob Koehnen (Carl’s youngest son) until his passing in November of 2014 oversaw the queen rearing. His wife Yvonne still sews all the beekeeping veils and sleeves for all our employees and oversees our weekly harvest lunches. Kalin, Bob’s oldest son, oversees all farming aspects of our business and Bob’s youngest son Kamron oversees all beekeeping aspects of our business. Kamron’s wife Julie takes care of all the package bee and queen orders and scheduling during our bee season. Reed, Kamron’s son, is working alongside his dad learning all he can about the bees.